Help a Good Counsel Mom Start the New Year With Hope!

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Pregnant and in need: that’s all it takes to come into a Good Counsel home.

Of course, that’s possible because of you. Because of you Good Counsel says, “Yes, I can help you” to a mom like Helen, to the 35 other moms plus their children with us. To the pregnant moms in need who will call.  

This month $394,887 is needed to provide daycare for the children, life skills for moms, as well as food and heat to everyone in our four homes. Also, that will help keep our 24/7 helpline and outreach programs going during this cold, first month of the year. And, there’s much, much more.

God bless you. Know I’m praying for you. Please pray for me. Pray for Helen and her baby. Pray for all of us at Good Counsel. Pray for every mother and baby in need today.


Christopher Bell
President & Co-Founder
Good Counsel