Good Counsel

Help a Mother & Baby During Lent

Your gift will provide loving care and support for a pregnant mother and her baby who need your help today.
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I have to ask you to help, now, in order to keep the doors open. Many women today have fear. A fear of being alone. A fear that, “No one will help me.”

Will you please help a woman like Nancy overcome that fear through Good Counsel today? Your gift today may make the difference for her to find hope and her baby to live.

During this pandemic it’s harder to raise funds, since many people have lost their jobs. Faithful friends are finding it hard to give monthly.  Yet, our mission continues without stopping.  Our outreach for moms, a 24-hour hot line, counseling and more, continue unabated.

Please give generously.  God bless you!



Christopher Bell
President & Co-Founder
Good Counsel